Irwin Stein, veteran #securities lawyer, on #crowdfunding future

Susan ECO Support CfPA Support & News Scout, CfPA Support
Posted on 5/23/2017 2:20:31 AM

Want to hear Irwin Stein, veteran securities lawyer, answers questions posed by Darren Marble such as:

Q: What is it about the Crowdfunding industry that has you concerned? 

Q: What are you seeing happening in the market? What is happening in the industry that is a red flag? 

Q: Are portals adequately diligencing companies doing Reg CF campaigns or not? 

Q: Should there by some minimum standard that portals should have when deciding or evaluating whether or not to list and issuer?

Q: Let's look ahead 12 months. What do you predict is going to happen in the next year? 

Q: And many more!  


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