Crowdfunding Industry Mid-Year Stakeholder Call (Friday, July 16th)

Susan ECO Support CfPA Support & News Scout, CfPA Support
Posted on 6/25/2021 1:10:53 AM

About: We've made it halfway through 2021 and you might be wondering, "What is the status of the crowdfunding industry?"

To that end, the Crowdfunding Professional Association will be conducting its annual Crowdfunding Industry Mid-Year Stakeholder Call on Friday, July 16 at 1PM EST - 1:30PM EST. As Funding Portals, Broker Dealers, escrow agents and other stakeholders in the crowdfunding industry we will be forwarding an invite next week so you can join us for this industry wide update. Below is the agenda:

Conference Call : Dial-in number: (774) 267-4136 


- Welcome & Key Industry Updates - Samson Williams, CfPA President
-Total number of RegCF portals
- Key Innovations
- FINRA & Customer Service Reminders
- CF Investments as of June 30th and key insights - Sherwood (Woodie) Neiss, General Partner at
Crowdfund Capital Advisors
- Investor Perspectives - Kingscrowd
- BD and RegA+ key updates - Etan Butler, Chairman, Dalmore Group LLC
- Legislative / Compliance updates - Maureen Murat, Principle, Crowdie Advisors
- Wrap up - Samson Williams

Note - This will be an old school conference call. No video. No slides. Just 30 minutes of industry updates from various SMEs in the space. See less