CfPA Supports Cannabis Entrepreneurs Right to Safe Banking

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Posted on 11/12/2019 5:28:40 AM

The Crowdfunding Professional Association’s mission is to cultivate small business growth by opening up avenues to funding Main Street businesses that previously did not exist. Recommending the use of all SEC filing exemptions, the CfPA strives to empower startups and small businesses to fund the businesses so crucial to America’s economic success.

In that regard, we at the CfPA unequivocally support enabling regulated Cannabis Entrepreneurs and Small Businessmen and Women to use JOBS Act Crowdfunding to build the companies so crucial to Main Street America success. 

The full support letter can be downloaded on the CfPA ECO ... 

(Letter Signed by: Samson Williams Board Member and member of the Education & Training Committee Crowdfunding Professional Association) s...@...m