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Why did you choose to launch a crowdfunding portal focused on real estate?

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Eve Picker
Eve Picker  replied:

Real estate is in my blood.  I'm an architect and urban designer by training, and cut my teeth as a real estate developer in Pittsburgh, on important and challenging projects in neighborhoods that were just a little neglected. These were difficult projects to finance, and yet the community always rooted for them.  My hope was that Small Change would become a place to raise capital for community-centric projects - a community bank of sorts. Real estate is a powerful tool and we believe that every developer has the choice to make (or break) a community with their investment.  We choose to support the real estate deals that will build better cities.

David Duccini
David Duccini  replied:

I really look forward to getting Eve's weekly updates in my email box -- I don't consider ANY other portal to be a competitor -- these deals come by referral and I cheer every time hear a bit of good needs from Small Change!


Eve Picker
Eve Picker  replied:

How lovely!  Thanks you so much.  There's plenty more coming so please tell your friends.