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What kind of crowdfunding companies are you investing in these days?

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Alon Hillel-Tuch
Alon Hillel-Tuch  replied:
To be honest, I am trying to not invest in too many. The market is oversaturated, with too many flavors of the same thing. I am trying to identify those trying to evolve out of the consumer market and make it relevant for more than just the consumer market. Crowdfunding is just a moniker being used as a catch-all for way too many things. Something we're seeing with 'blockchain' terminology as well... There is a lot of noise out there, with winners emerging in certain spaces (donation for sure). The issue we're facing is that many entrepreneurs are building a 'crowdfunding' platform for the first time, and really do not have the exposure and insight into how to responsibly manage, scale, and protect all involved parties. It's one of the reasons why groups such as the CfPA play such an important role in shaping the industry.