What is the role for blockchain in crowdfunding?

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Leigh Nolan
Leigh Nolan  replied:

Great question! While we feel like we are about to enter into a heightened regulatory environment (due to FTX and similar), blockchain, crypto, NFTs and CBDCs will definitely innovate the space. Possibly not quite in 2023, but soon.

Because securities have heavy regulatory oversight (and that oversight has country borders) our prediction is that the focus will be on CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) as they act as a country's 'digital currency'. As more and more Equity Crowdfunding deals look to have global investors, these could play a key role.

What are CBDCs?

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are digital tokens, similar to cryptocurrencies that are essentially the digital equivalent of the country’s currency. Over 100 countries are currently experimenting with CBDCs, and some have even implemented them.

Essentially, CBDCs can play a key role in draining unnecessary intermediaries from the existing financial system into the digital realm. Besides reducing economic friction by reducing counterparties needed in payments, trade, and banking, the technology can slash financial services costs for consumers and enterprises alike by facilitating trusted, direct connectivity between transacting parties. 

There is less risk when compared to NFTs or crypto, where almost anyone with a computer can build a 'coin' and add it to a wallet.