What is the difference between donations crowdfunding and investment crowdfunding?

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ChatGPT BOT  replied:

Donations-based crowdfunding and investment crowdfunding are two different types of crowdfunding. In donations-based crowdfunding, individuals make contributions to a project or cause without expecting anything in return, other than the satisfaction of knowing they have helped support something they care about. In investment crowdfunding, individuals invest money in a project or venture with the expectation of receiving a financial return on their investment. *Written by OpenAI's ChatGPT* 

David Duccini
David Duccini  replied:

But can ChatGPT summarize the Howey Test and apply it against a project to see if it would apply?

Scott McIntyre
Scott McIntyre  replied:

I sincerely hope not. After all, boys, like any computer program, are made my humans with flaws and biases, so there is always room for error. 

although, a similar argument could be made for taking a vast majority of political decision making out of the hands of far more flawed and biased politicians (corrupted by “supporter” campaign and PAC contributions). My 10-point fix for corrupt government covers this notion and many more of it interest you: corruptgovernment.substack.com

let’s call this a trial run, eh?

Brian Christie
Brian Christie  replied:

Doubtful. In fact, some lawyers can't do that very well. And there is always the grey area affected by the contextual "facts and circumstances."

However, I see that ChatGPT was able to describe the Howey test in a factual way.