What are the most successful Reg CF crowdfunding raises?

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Brian Belley
Brian Belley  replied:

If you define "success" as the amount of capital raised, one can find the complete list of Reg CF raises and sort by "Amount Raised" on the KingsCrowd advanced company search table here:


Since the amendments to Reg CF in March 2021, issuers can now raise up to $5 million dollars in a 12 month period.

As of July 30, 2023, 41 companies have raise the maximum $5 million under Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF), and an impressive 384 companies have raised between $1 million and $5 million, which includes all the raises that hit the $1.07 million maximum prior to March 2021. 

In terms of companies that raised $5 million dollars, some of the ones that sold out their rounds and raised the $5 million the quickest (sometimes within a matter or hours or just a few days) are:

-Replit on Wefunder (April 2022)

-Substack on Wefunder (April 2023)

-Sound of Freedom on Angel Funding (June 2023)

-Mercury on Wefunder (October 2021)

-April on Wefunder (April 2022)

-Cultos on Republic (April 2022)

-Gumroad on Republic (March 2021)

There are a number of other raises that may have sold out their rounds in a matter of hours, but then took a longer time to close their rounds. All of this data can be determined from the KingsCrowd dataset by looking at the start/close dates and the average amount raised per day.