It is tax season. Does the US give any tax relief for investing in startups?

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Brian Belley
Brian Belley  replied:

Yes - the US offers tax relief for investing in startups through various provisions in the tax code, including Sections 1202, 1244, and 1045. 

Section 1202 - Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS): Investors in qualified small businesses can exclude up to 100% of their capital gains from federal income tax if they hold the stock for more than five years, subject to certain limits and conditions.

Section 1244 - Small Business Stock Loss Deduction: Investors in certain small businesses can claim an ordinary loss deduction on their income tax return if the investment becomes worthless. This allows the loss to offset other income, with an annual deduction limit of $50,000 for single filers and $100,000 for married couples filing jointly.

Section 1045 - Rollover of Gains from Small Business Stock: Investors in qualified small businesses can defer capital gains tax on the sale of their QSBS if they reinvest the proceeds into another QSBS within 60 days. This rollover provision allows investors to maintain their tax-advantaged status while continuing to invest in the startup ecosystem.

For a more detailed explanation of these tax relief provisions, check out my article on Three Ways the US Gives Tax Relief to Startup Investors.

Also, for a more detailed guide that discusses other tax considerations for startup investors, you can check out my article Navigating Startup Investing Taxes - the Comprehensive Guide for Investors


Please note that none of this should be construed as tax advice and is for informational purposes only - always consult a tax professional.

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Karthikeyan Kuppusamy
Karthikeyan Kuppusamy  replied:

Hi Brian,

what is the qualification for Small Business?
One of the company raised in wefunder, has been sold to another company without any profits. Also there is no official documents for that. How to claim the tax loss for the same? Can I use Section 1244 for this?