Is the new SEC $5 million cap for Reg CF a one-time event?

In other words, could I raise $5 million today and then another $5 million three years from now?
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Sara Hanks
Sara Hanks  replied:

It's $5 million every 12 months.

Manny Amadeo
Manny Amadeo  replied:

If it's $5 million per year, it seems a great way for an early stage company to raise more funds (from existing or new investors) each time it hits more milestones. 

Brian Christie
Brian Christie  replied:

So this means a start-up company could feasibly raise $5m in year 1 to build their product, $5 m in year 2 to sell/market their product, and $5m in year 3 to augment their revenue stream with growth capital. Sounds like a great way to steadily grow a new business with capital standing by at various value-inflection points.