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If everyone starts using crowdfunding to support their medical bills, won't we run out of people to be the crowd?

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Samson Williams
Samson Williams  replied:

Hello Beautiful Person, 

That is not how INVESTMENT crowdfunding works. For the example you provided is for donation crowdfunding, completely different. Kickstarter and GoFundme are examples of donation crowdfunding platforms. You'll see many people seeking assistance for their medical bills on those. As they're looking to connect with kind hearted people who want to give freely, with no expectation of return. 

Here at the CfPA we focus on Investment Crowdfunding. Investment crowdfudning works just like on Shark Tank. The only difference is under the JOBS Act Reg CF rules, all the audience can potentially be an investor. 

Lastly, the challenge with healthcare is a National challenge that crowdfunding was not designed to address. We need policy changes at the National level to help ensure every person has access to healthcare. That though is a much longer and dynamic conversation.