I'm very new to investments an startups. I'm behind on my updated progress with companies I've invested in through Republic. I just need to be pointed in the right direction to who could help me get up to speed with all 8 investments of mine? I'd appreciate the help greatly.

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Brian Belley
Brian Belley  replied:

Hi Derrick,

If you invested on Republic.co, you should be able to check your investments if you:

1. Log in

2. Hover over your click the drop-down in the top right

3. Select "My Portfolio"

4. You can then click on any of your investments to read updates.

You can also hover over the lightning bolt next to your picture, which will display all the updates for companies you follow, have invested in, etc.

Hope this helps!



Danielle Higgins
Danielle Higgins  replied:

<p>The most accurate records of your actual ownership are with the registered SEC Transfer Agent.&nbsp; &nbsp;Only the SEC Registered Transfer Agent, can confirm ownership, amount, total and allow you to transfer and trade your securities, safe, crowd safe</p>