Hi Mr. Huston, I am a law school graduate and interested in getting into crowdfunding. Any suggestions or recommendations? Thank you, Ray Hill

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Bill Huston
Bill Huston  replied:

Hi Ray,

Congratulations on your graduation from law school. I always recommend to someone new to investment crowdfunding to start by visiting a platform looking around, finding a company you like, and investing in the company. Experiencing a crowdfunding campaign as an investor is a significant first step. Going through the due diligence process reviewing the form C to get a better understanding of the required compliance and then experiencing the marketing and investor acquisition process reading campaign page updates, asking questions, reading the responses from the founders and reading your emails, attending founder webinars, and engaging the investor community with your questions and insights. This would be the first step in better understanding the process as an investor. I find the larger platforms do a great job of providing regulatory information for both investors and founders so digging into the FAQ section will provide some deep practical insights into the process. If you enjoy the process begin looking for your place in the industry connecting with the platforms and securities attorneys to learn that aspect of the business.  

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