I clicked a link on LinkedIn and found you guys. I have a company that manufactures agricultural equipment specifically for hemp and Cannabis. I am interested in crowdfunding. We want to do a 5 Mill raise. we did 17 Mill in rev last year and have zero equity outstanding. where should I look?

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Scott McIntyre
Scott McIntyre  replied:

Fabulous question, Cullen. However, without spelling out an entire path to landing investors course, I would direct you to any local VDO (venture devp org) like incubators or accelerators in your situation already matured. 

As it concerns finding the "right" investor, well, your customers/suppliers/beneficiaries would be the natural approach if you plan to CF your next offering. There are many resources for all this, both on our Twitter feed, and as a course of knowledge in our leadership at the CfPA. 

So my best advice is to continue to post questions/surveys in forums on Linkedin, look up any cannabis related investment groups in general (especially farming groups locally), and keep go deep quick.

On a personal note, as you know I'm deeply involved in Industrial Hemp, advise a Family Office investor network, and also have patented farm/processing equipment. To that effect, we're launching a national co-op to handle precisely what you're asking. So I'd love to learn more so feel free to reach out directly to Scott@RootOrigins.com or Prosperity@HMP-us.org 

All the best,