Miventure, Inc.

Jason Crystal
2051 Dyan Way
Maitland, FL 32751

Miventure is a mobile investment platform that lets you easily invest in early-stage startups.

Most of the startups on Miventure have been vetted by recognized incubators and accelerators.

How it works:

(1) Find a startup that interests you
(2) Watch their pitch video
(3) Easily invest $25 or more with credit card
(4) Gain shares in the company at their next financing event (See Crowd SAFE for more details.)
(5) If the company is acquired or goes public, you cash out!

Download now to view some pitch videos and to begin investing in scalable startups at the ground-floor.


-Formed and became a Funding Portal in 2020

-2021 is ours for the taking...

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