shared: 11/19/2023 6:02:36 PM

I had a fascinating discussion at a "Spaces" (Twitter's Clubhouse) about investment crowdfunding. It was a pitch event and I presented Raiseway. In the intro I spoke about the problem Raiseway's trying to solve:

Investment crowdfunding is too confusing, logistically difficult, and expensive for most small businesses to execute. My claim is that this is the reason the industry has not taken off. 

My pitch did not progress pass that point.

I was told that despite all the JOBS Act fanfare, the industry is a failure. According to that person, the reason is: investors who do not know the business owner are not shopping to invest in Reg CF companies.

They told me that I am focusing too much on the supply problem, while I should be focusing on the demand problem. 

I didn't get to mention my opinion that the supply will be fixed when and only when LPs begin entering our space with matching funds policies.

What do folks here think?