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1031 Exchanges for Regulated Investment Crowdfunding?

What time is it?

It’s time to talk taxes and crowdfunding and to consider how we might take a concept that has been around for over 100 years and apply it to regulated investment #crowdfunding (#RIC).

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Do investors view a company with a previous equity crowdfunding round as a good or bad thing?

It can depend on the specific circumstances of the equity crowdfunding round and the company's performance since then. In general, investors may view a company that has successfully completed an equity crowdfunding round as a good thing because it can indicate that the company ha...

KoreConX published: Jan 26


For entrepreneurs, it’s crucial to understand the private capital market well. Companies no longer need to go public to raise capital, enabling entrepreneurs to maintain more control of their companie ...more

Alpine-X: CfPA Crowdfunding Issuer Interview Series

Alpine X Inc. is a holding company with its headquarters in Virginia, whose mission is to develop family-centric active lifestyle communities and experience-based sports entertainment venues throughou ...more

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What is Reg A+?

Regulation A+ (Reg A+) is a set of rules and regulations put in place by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that allows small and medium-sized companies to raise funds from a large number of investors through a mini-IPO process. Reg A+ is an update to the existing Regul...

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InfraShares is a startup investing platform providing its members access to vetted investment opportunities related to Smart Cities technologies, Infrastructure assets, and Renewable Energy projects.

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Transform Your Next Capital Raise

Our platform has powered over $1Billion in raised capital for all raise types, Reg A+, Reg CF, Reg D 506(b)(c), and Private Placements. We are ... more>

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Danielle Higgins

Founded in 2016, KoreConX is the first secure, all-in-one platform that manages private companies' capital market activity and stakeholder communications. With an innovative approach and to ensure compliance with securities ... more>

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Experience, Insight & Efficiency

The private capital markets have changed. No longer are companies solely reliant on venture capital to finance their capital needs. Today, anyone over 18 years ... more>

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Brainsy offers patented Software as a Service (SaaS) to power knowledge sharing networks for issuers, private companies, trade associations, professional societies, membership organizations, and media companies. Deploying a Brainsy powered ... more>

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